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Lost and Found ~ PROLOGUE

A surreal adventure following a compass, a clock, and a canvas map through a world that doesn't matter.


Move/advance through COMIC with ARROW KEYS

Interact with objects/advance through TEXT with SPACE

Crouch with X



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Static, I would love to hear your feedback.

~The Storyteller


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While I like the visual style, the protagonist seems to walk at a quickly tiring crawl that doesn't match the walk-animation at all, making it difficult for me to enjoy the gameplay.

Thank you for your feedback, Static! The next installment will have seen to this issue.

~The Storyteller

This world your creating has me at the end of my seat, I keep finding myself playing it over and over. The artstyle really makes this story super surreal, I did end up needing a little help from a friend on solving one of the puzzles but I honestly love this story....Whens the next chapter comming out???



Please note that while there have been no updates on the progress of Chapter One, the lightbulb has been lit and will not turn off until it has burnt out.  ○•○•○○•• ○•••○• ○○○••○○○○• ○••••○○• ○○•○○○○○ ○•••○•○○ ○•••○•○• ○••○•••○ ○••○○•○• ○••○•○○ ○○•○•••○

~The Storyteller


>~< You should add a feature where we can view the items we still have. I'm confused on what Wens still have or not, and what he sees of the items he has...


Obtaining piece by piece of clues, which also opening up his memories bit by bit,  is thrilling and gratifying! (I felt so betrayed when realized that the clock is the guidance all along xD )

This first episode with its concept of storytelling and the art style that gives vibe of steampunk era already piqued my interest to its continuatuion ^^


The feedback is deeply appreciated, Static. You've been quiet lately.

~The Storyteller